Friday, July 15, 2011

Project: the Bigger Picture

Hey, remember when I made a light box?  That was a fun project, but the size of the items I could photograph was quite limited.

I needed a way to get a better, bigger picture.

I found this video, which was very informative…

I do wish I had a few of those stick-in-a-cans.

… but I found myself more limited in space and supplies than this guy.  So I took his basic instruction and improvised, of course!

Just like in my last photo project, I used muslin to diffuse the light from my trusty clamp lamps (found at your local hardware store).  I didn’t have a frame to stretch the fabric across like in the video, so instead I anchored my muslin to a door frame with thumb tacks.  It worked beautifully!


I used a large piece of solid color fabric for my backdrop.  I taped the fabric to an old broomstick and balanced it on a ladder to keep it in place.  Then I stretched another piece of muslin across the top of the area and, after much frustration, managed to keep it all in place with painters' tape.  It was not neat or tidy, but improvisation rarely is.  In the end my front hallway looked very much like an old school pillow fort!


I anchored some white poster board across from the muslin doorway to reflect the light from the clamp lamps, and I was set!  Check it out:

051   022   070   065

Extra points if you recognized the infinity dress!  The backdrop could look better, but at least I got the lighting right!  Let me know what you think…

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