Friday, May 20, 2011

Project: Making a Light Box

The other day I made a light box out of a cardboard box and some white muslin fabric.

I wanted to see if I could improve my photo taking skills, which are admittedly weak, using only my Canon Power Shot and a few common household items.  I did a quick search of the internets and found the basic instructions here:

It’s incredibly easy.

For my light box I also cut a hole in the top of the box and shined an extra light from above instead of putting a reflective surface on the ceiling of the box, and it worked out well.  I used muslin to cover the holes because I have a lot of the stuff, but I could just have easily used tissue paper, a cut-up white t-shirt, a white bed sheet, etc.  And to create the light I used three medium sized clamp lamps (found at any hardware store) and 100 watt soft white light bulbs. 

And just look at the results!

mrs stewarts bluing

green and white oil lamp

owl candel holder    

presto mister

My box was kind of  small, so I was only able to take pictures of small items, but it’s the best they’ve ever looked!

This project was a lot easier and a lot more fun than I had anticipated.  I highly recommend you try it!

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