Monday, May 23, 2011

It’s Summer Camp Time!

When I was a kid summer was mostly lazy time, but only until Girl Scout camp started! 

At camp I went on nature hikes, swam in rivers, and ran through the rain in muddy fields like a mad child with thirty other equally hyper girls, but the best part was all the great D.I.Y. tricks I learned.

For example, I was taught several different ways to build a fire.  I remember one of them: the A-frame.  It basically looks like this -
It’s pretty simple: you get some medium sized sticks and lay them together in the shape of an “A.”  Then you put some smaller sticks and kindling in the middle and light the fire from underneath the “A.”  At camp we would use what I liked to call “The Fire-starter Guy,” which was a bundle of pine needles tied together in a shape that vaguely resembled the human form.  We would set fire to it’s head and then slide it under the gap in the a-frame, and if all went well later in the night we would make s’mores!

And I learned how to make a bacon and egg breakfast in a paper bag!

They make it look so easy and delicious!

From what I remember the breakfast I made didn’t turn out quite as well as the one in this video, but it was edible, so I count that as a win.

And then there was the Pinhole Camera!

This project is pretty awesome.

This was one of my favorites.  I did something wrong and none of my pictures could be developed, but it was a really great idea, and as a kid I was excited just to try it.  After watching this video I’m excited to try it again!  Let’s hope I get it right this time…

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