Monday, July 4, 2011

Introducing: Five Oh! Four Rag–the Shop!

That’s right, my friends, it has finally happened.  I have opened my very own shop on!


gold leaf headband - top    black snood - rose
red snood - back    blue snood - front

It is a small shop yet, but I’m going to keep it growing!

The headbands were designed by me and represent the first knitting pattern ever to come from my own brain!  I’m pretty happy about that.  I started out by creating a very basic headband pattern that I knew could be modified in a variety of ways.  Then I found a lovely lace pattern that I used to add texture and detailing, so the plain headband becomes the slightly more fancy hair piece!  And it has two buttons in the back for adjustable sizing, so during the winter it can be worn over the ears as an earwarmer!

And the hair-net like accessories, which are called “snoods” by the way, are based on a vintage pattern from a book on knitting and crochet published in the 1940’s.

Special thanks to Upsidesunny Photography for the beautiful pictures!  And I hope you all enjoy what I’ve made!

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