Friday, June 24, 2011

Working on it: Sailor Shorts

I have recently become obsessed with high waist sailor shorts.

high waisted sailor shorts

I don’t want to buy a pair, though.  No way.  I’ve decided to go the long way and attempt to make my own pair.  Especially after watching this video, he makes it look so easy:

They’re not sailor shorts, but he covers the basics

I figured that with some slight modifications to the pattern in this video I could make myself the perfect pair of sailor shorts, just to my liking!  So far it has turned out to be much easier said than done, but I’ve not given up!  Pattern drafting is still a very new thing to me, so I may fail, but I’ll post the pictures anyway.  Until then, enjoy the music!

Anchors Aweigh–another favorite old movie

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