Friday, June 17, 2011

Project: Spice Cabinet Redux

Not too long ago I bought this cabinet at an antique store in Magnolia, Mississippi.

spice cabinet

It didn’t have any shelves and was clearly missing something from the middle of the door – it was perfect!  I immediately saw potential for a project.

For starters I needed shelves.  So I took my measurements and headed to the craft store, where I bought some balsa wood and adhesive contact paper.  Then I moved on to the fabric store where I found some bronze mesh fabric that I thought would be perfect for the door of the cabinet.

spice cabinet 2

I measured out my shelves on the balsa wood and cut them to fit with a box cutter.  Then I covered them with the contact paper, like so:

spice cabinet 3

And to finish it off I cut a piece of fabric to cover the window in the door of the cabinet.  I stapled the fabric to the back of the door with a staple gun, and voila!

spice cabinet 7spice cabinet 8

Super easy, and I just cleared up a whole bunch of storage space in my kitchen!  As soon as I get it on the wall and off the kitchen counter, that is…

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