Monday, March 14, 2011

Project: Framed 3-D Artwork

Over the years I have amassed quite the collection of crafting books.  Most of them are specific to knitting, but there are a few that are full of crafts that have no real purpose other than creating something with your time.  There is a lot of fun to be had with such projects, so I’ve decided to go through my book collection, creating and sharing all along the way.

Presenting artwork in amazing 3D!

This project comes from The Big Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano.  This book is full of fun things to make, and I especially recommend it if you are looking for some interesting, cost effective ways to decorate your space.  Many of these projects can be done with common household items, and all of the supplies used in this book can easily be found at your local craft store.

Now, I didn’t follow the instructions exactly on this one, which is ok.  Variation is one of the wonders of crafting!  I’ve listed the steps I took below in the hopes that it will inspire a version of your own.

3d artwork blog 1

1. I wasn’t terribly concerned with what the frame looked like, so my main criteria in picking one out was to spend the least amount of money as possible.  This one cost me three dollars.

2.  In my living room there is a framed vintage drawing of three birds on branch, so I decided stick with that theme for this picture, too.  I drew up quick, rough sketch to guide me along my way.
3.  For my project I used decorative card stock that can be found at any crafting store, but any kind of paper would do.  In any case, every detail of the picture had to be cut out piece by piece.

4.  I started out by laying down the frame and the branches in the places I wanted them, and once I had that settled I glued it all into place.

5.  I glued on each leaf, then followed it up with the 3D details.  I made the birds and flowers appear 3D by creasing the petals of the flowers and the wings and tail of the bird.
3d artwork blog 2

Lastly I hot glued some plastic beads onto the center of each flower to add some sparkle to the 3D effect. 

I plan on making a few more of these to cover the white spaces on my walls, and I’ll make sure to share them with you.  I hope you do the same!


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  2. So this is what you were making yesterday while we were on the phone! These are adorable!

    When I move back I call for craft nights!


    Linda Marie

  3. Yeah! Thank you!

    craft night will be awesome.


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