Thursday, March 3, 2011

Discovery: MouseTrapVintage

There are so many wonderful things to be found on

Today I was browsing said website when I came upon MouseTrapVintage.  It’s a delightful little shop with a wonderfully eclectic vintage inventory.

Starting top left and rotating clockwise: Oak Leaves pumps, Dern Bears vintage salt and pepper shakers, Charlie Chaplin paper mask, vintage wooden cigarette case

These were a few of my favorites items, but there was so much more to look through.  The owner of this shop, Sarah Hunt, clearly puts a lot of time and effort into gathering together some of the most unique and attractive vintage items.  It was a delightful find! is full of wonderful things and well put together shops like MouseTrapVintage, and I plan on sharing all of my findings with you.  I would love for you to do the same!

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