Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stretch it out. Your back, that is.

This is a new blog, and I plan on putting many things on it, including lots of handmade crafting projects.  Handmade items are wonderful.  They are unique and personal, and they are great sources of pride for those who make them.  But I must start with a warning.

Sometimes crafting hurts.

Whether you are knitting, sewing, sanding, welding… if you sit in one position for long enough your lower spine will start to compress and you will get back pain.  It takes all the joy out of the moment.

Just like with exercising, these pains can be reduced by stretching before crafting.

This series of videos will help you stretch out your back.

A quick YouTube search will locate any number of back stretch how-to videos, but I liked this series the best.  These are simple, common stretches that won’t take more than ten minutes of your time.  And trust me, it is worth those ten minutes.  I also recommend taking frequent short breaks and re-stretching, or taking a little walk about to keep yourself limber.  The effort will pay off dearly in the long run, and you can enjoy that wonderful handmade item of yours without resenting it for the muscle and joint pain it caused.

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